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What our customers say about us



“I’ve bought today at the West Hill market your apples – the best apples I’ve eaten probably since my childhood. Thank you and good luck!”


Nelly Paxton

“I am SO pleased to find your delicious biodynamic products on sale at the Richmond Farmers Market in Surrey. For years I have followed the Biodynamic calendar by M. Thun and applies its principal to my flower garden. Long may you continue to farm this way and spread your knowledge to, as many other farmers as possible.
Many thanks for feeding me with such high quality products.”




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Meet Us
at Farmers’ Markets



Swiss Cottage
– 10am until 3pm

Forest Row
– 11am until 2pm


Balham Farmers’ Market
9pm until 1pm

Parliament Hill
– 10am until 2pm

West Hampstead
– 10am until 2pm

Notting Hill
– 9am until 1pm

Brook Green
– 9am until 3pm

Crystal Palace
– 10am until 3pm

– 9am until 1pm

Primrose Hill
– 10am until 3pm


– 10am until 2pm

Herne Hill
– 10am until 4pm

Queens Park
– 10am until 2pm

– 10am until 2pm

– 10am until 2pm

– 10am until 2pm

Stroud Green
– 10am until 3pm

Earls Court
– 10am until 2pm

High Street Kensington
– 10am until 2pm